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Google Extended Meta Description Length in December 2017. SommerSharon No comments Writing a useful, rich, relevant Google meta description is an important task for SEO. Your web page's meta description is the piece of text that shows up in search engine results and describes the page A meta description is a short HTML tag informing the reader what your website provides. This is how a meta description will appear on a Google search engine results page (or SERP): The meta description is the main chunk of text at the bottom. The keywords the user typed into the search engine appear highlighted in bold If there is a date associated to your content (a WordPress post), it is best to use a maximum meta description length of 140-144 characters. If you have no publish date (a WordPress page), you can aim for the maximum length of around 156 characters Meta Description Length. As of December 2017, meta descriptions should be about 50 to 300 characters. In the past, the general rule of thumb was to keep meta descriptions under 165 characters. (about three lines in the search results). However, Google has changed the rules here and they have expanded meta description size

What's the Ideal Meta Description Length? At the time of this writing, the ideal meta description length is approximately 155 characters. Google changes this number from time-to-time. For example, Google once featured short meta descriptions in their search engine listings. Then, they switched to longer descriptions of about 320 characters The New Meta Description Length Now that we've laid the foundation, let's take a look at the recent news about Google expanding the length of the meta description tag. In the past, the maximum length of the description tag was 160 characters En Meta-description bör vara på en webbsidas startsida och viktiga undersidor. Uttalande från Matt Cutts gällande Meta-description taggen. Googles tidigare huvudansvariga för webbspam, Matt Cutts, gjorde 2013-11-18 ett uttalande om just Meta-description taggen, som fortfarande är relevant 2018

Previously, the standard maximum meta description length was 165 characters; now Google is showing an average of 320 characters for some of the results on the first page. In a post on Search Engine Watch, it states that Google clarified: We now display slightly longer snippets, which means we might display more of a meta description tag How many characters use in a meta description? At the beginning of May, the length of the meta description on Google has been shortened after the last update in December 2017, when the length reached limits up to 290 characters. Now, Google is coming back to previous limits Google's Meta Description Length Updates 2017 - Meta description length update was released by Google. As Google always improve its search algorithm, recently Google has implemented a change in feature snippet where the length of SEO Description (Meta Description) is increased to 320 characters As of 2019, Google's advise is not to focus too much on this area as many snippets Google chooses are dynamic and not necessarily pulled from meta descriptions. A lot of what Google decides to show depends on the searcher's query and the content o..

As of December 2017, Google started displaying SERP (search engine result page) snippets with more than 300 characters. A good rule of thumb since then was that you can (if you want) create meta descriptions up to around 300 characters in length if you want the entire message to appear in the Google search page Just recently, Google expanded the length allowed in the meta description tag. That means all the tags on your website will need to be changed. Wow

Hi Friends, As Google update came in December 2017 that length of the Meta Description tag is increased from 160 to 320 characters. I updated the meta tags of my website and increased the length. Meta Description length in Yahoo. Yahoo does not give much advice in their Help section about the minimum and maximum length of the meta description. Our own research has shown that the Yahoo SERP allows for a maximum width of 553 pixels. Since the meta description consists of two lines, this roughly translates to 160 characters. However, we.

Google Extended Meta Description Length in Dec 2017

  1. HTML Meta Description Tag Length. The suggested length of meta description is somewhere between 150 to 160 characters including spaces. You can even use fewer characters and it works great if your descriptions looks appealing and read better but don't try to create lengthy descriptions that doesn't make much sense or description with more than 160 characters
  2. The meta description length for Google desktop search results is between 154-160 characters. As you can see below, most search snippets have 154 - 161 characters with the exception of our snippet which goes up to 206 characters! The screenshot below is representative for different types of searches we have performed
  3. The meta description should be unique (don't use the same format for every web page). The meta description should include your primary keyword(s), but you don't want to overdo it. The meta description can be any length, but Google generally truncates snippets ~320 characters (this limit increased in December 2017)
  4. Google has expanded the number of characters in meta descriptions to about 320. Of course, this has consequences for both Yoast SEO and you as a site owner. Find out what this new meta description length means, what Yoast is researching and what you can do right now

What is now the optimum length for Meta Description? In December 2017, Google increased the length of snippets in search results.Now Google confirms it shortened search results snippets after expanding them last December. There is no fixed length for snippets. Length varies based on what our systems deem to be most useful The end of November saw a spike in the average length of SERP snippets. Across 90K results, we found a definite increase but many oddities, such as video snippets. Our data suggests that many snippets are exceeding 300 characters, and we recommend a new meta description limit of 300 characters Enter Meta Description Tag. Meta descriptions can be a bit longer. In late 2017, Google increased the 165 character limit (about two lines) to sometimes 4-5 lines or arond 320 characters. Then in May 2018, Google decreased the length again. The current best practice as of June 2018 is to keep the description under 160 characters

The Ultimate Guide to Meta Descriptions, 2017 The Media

GOOGLE SEO - BEST PRACTICES: Meta descriptions are HTML attributes that provide concise summaries of web pages. Meta description tags, while not tied to search engine rankings can have a positive effect on click-through rates. As for length, Google generally truncates meta descriptions snippets a A good meta description can increase your click-through rate (CTR). Pay attention to length. In late 2017, Google increased the number of characters it displays for meta descriptions on the SERP from around 160 to 320. Then, in May 2018, they shortened them back to 160 How Long Should a Meta Description Be? Google recently expanded the standard length for meta descriptions. Formerly, meta descriptions were recommended to be 160 characters or less in length. As of 2017, Google will show up to 275 characters on the SERP. Therefore, you should optimize your meta description tags to be up to 275 characters long Before that, more good reads on meta description best practices and the do's and don'ts with meta description examples. Brief History of Title and Meta Description (2019) In case you haven't noticed, Google has made significant changes to the titles and meta descriptions length on the Google Search Results The meta description. The description tag is intended to be a short summary of the content found on the web page. While the title tag is very limited, a meta description gives you a bit more space to tell users what you're offering, and it's an opportunity to give them a compelling reason to click through to your page

How Long Should a Meta Description Be? [2017] SEO Rav

  1. However, we never had a limit on meta description tag length before, as we covered earlier this year. So, there's no need for publishers to suddenly expand their meta description tags, if they.
  2. The general rule of thumb for maximum meta description length is 160 characters for desktop and 120 for mobile. Think of the meta description as a place to expand upon your webpage title
  3. What Is the Recommended/Ideal Meta Description Length? It has been considered a standard SEO best practice for years to keep meta descriptions at around 160-165 characters maximum (or 156-160.
  4. Meta description length is a common question on the web. Everyone has their own opinion on how long the meta description contents can be. The only publically states answer to this question (at the time of this writing) I could find is from Bing
  5. One such area is the meta description. From the start, meta descriptions have been an essential part of a search engine results page and that isn't likely to change. So to help you capitalize on this important aspect of your SEO, I want to teach you how to write one that's compelling and helps you boost your ranking
  6. Keeping your meta description between 150 and 160 characters will ensure that you maximize the space available and avoid having your text cut off. 4. Utilize (but don't abuse) important keywords. Google (and most other major search engines) will bold search queries in the title and description of websites that appear in the search results
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A Guide to Writing the Perfect Meta Description, Length

  1. The Meta Description is not used as a ranking factor. Rather, it is meant to draw readers to your website from Search engine results pages (prompt searchers to click). People will accept/want natural language so forget the jargon and watch your click-through rate climb
  2. The meta description often serves as a pitch to people who find your website on Google or social media sites. While it's not required and Google can use text from you website instead of what you specifiy in the meta data, it's better to control the description text where you can
  3. Reduce meta description length: Descriptions tend to be upwards of 200 characters on this site. Limiting the character length to 160 characters or less will allow Alibaba.com to lead with a complete, cohesive sentence in search results
  4. A meta description tag should generally inform and interest users with a short, relevant summary of what a particular page is about. They are like a pitch that convinces the user that the page is exactly what they're looking for
  5. The meta description is a short piece of text that summarizes the content of your page. It is displayed on the search engine results page (SERP) right below the headline (title tag). While keywords in the meta description are not used as a ranking signal by Google it is very important for clickthrough and engagement
  6. Meta description can have any length but a good practice is to keep this under 160 characters (search engines generally truncate snippets longer than this value). View all Free Tools. Analyze and monitor your SEO with our powerful ToolBox

The description meta tag covers what type of information the web page contains. The description meta tag is the most important tag, used by a search engine to rank your page in the search results . The description length should be between 150 and 160 characters Here is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag: Tip: If you are browsing this page with a phone or a tablet, you can click on the two links below to see the difference Beat title and meta description truncation in the SERPs by calculating your pixel length! Read the Technical SEO Blog More Free SEO Tools Follow @fighto Tweet. What is this tool? It is a common fallacy that Google has a character count limit for title tags and meta descriptions

Google officially increases length of snippets in search results Company says change is meant to provide more descriptive snippets. Barry Schwartz on December 1, 2017 at 2:51 p Meta description is a brief description of what your page or post is about. Meta keywords and description are actually HTML meta tags, and they go into your website's header. WordPress SEO plugins make it super easy for you to add them from your WordPress admin area for each post and page on your website Wanneer een page title of meta description te lang is, breekt Google deze af. We vonden een samenhang tussen de rankings in Google en de lengte van de paginatitels en meta descriptions. Bij hoger rankende pagina's blijken zowel title als description significant vele malen minder te worden afgebroken door Google dan bij lager rankende pagina's Length: a meta description should be no longer than 135 - 160 characters long (although Google has recently been testing longer snippets). Any longer and search engines will chop the end off, so make sure any important keywords are nearer the front A meta description is like a mini ad for a webpage. When SEO meta descriptions appear on SERPs and social media feeds, they act as a small promo for the webpage. The copy gives marketers an opportunity to promote the page and tell readers why they should click on it

Max meta description length. Recommended meta description length is from 120 to 158 characters, up to 920 pixels. To better optimization, you can use our meta description length checker too. Note: The canvas tag is not supported in Internet Explorer 8 and earlier versions Find the perfect META description length and META title length to optimize your snippet for Google using our SEO tool. If you want to check an entire site you can simply enter the URL of the sitemap and SERPsim will download all the titles and META descriptions in bulk. You will find a progress bar at the top of the window Meta Tags are hidden HTML tags used in the HEAD section of your web pages to provide information about your website or web page to search engines. Most major search engines index Meta Tags for use in their search results. Listed below is a definition of each Meta Tag and what to enter into the Free Meta Tag Generator to create your own Keep in mind that meta descriptions comprised of long strings of keywords don't achieve this goal and are less likely to be displayed in place of a regular, non-meta description, snippet. And it's worth noting that while accurate meta descriptions can improve clickthrough, they won't affect your ranking within search results

What Google's New Meta Description Length Means for SEO

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There is a length restriction that you need to adhere to while writing your meta description. You need to keep it in your mind and make sure that your meta description is appropriately sized at all times. However, there is no hard and fast rule on the number of characters that you should limit If you're familiar with meta tags in SEO, you may be surprised to find there is no meta description plugin in Squarespace. In Squarespace, meta description is called SEO description. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know about Squarespace SEO description:& Prolog is a logic programming language associated with artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.. Prolog has its roots in first-order logic, a formal logic, and unlike many other programming languages, Prolog is intended primarily as a declarative programming language: the program logic is expressed in terms of relations, represented as facts and rules Meta Description Attribute - A brief description of the page. Meta Robots Attribute - An indication to search engine crawlers (robots or bots) as to what they should do with the page. Meta Keywords Attribute. Meta Keywords are an example of a meta tag that doesn't make much sense to use these days. Years ago, the meta keyword tags may have.

Your meta description should also help differentiate your site from competing ranked sites. Meta Keywords Tips: Not important: It is not used by most search engines since it is highly susceptible to spam and users never see it. Should consist of a couple of the main keywords used to describe that page. Former. The type of metadata provided by the meta element can be one of the following:. If the name attribute is set, the meta element provides document-level metadata, applying to the whole page.; If the http-equiv attribute is set, the meta element is a pragma directive, providing information equivalent to what can be given by a similarly-named HTTP header.; If the charset attribute is set, the meta. 91AV 牛牛热久草 艾莉莎定制周边礼盒. 艾莉莎手办 原画册 茉莉安女神徽章 礼盒手提箱 特别版哥特套装 兑换券(赠送) 售价:¥12220 立即购买 注意事 蟷ス菴薙→縺ョ蟇セ隧ア笳・區迢・/title> LINE蜊 縺・蝣ゅ ・菴阪 窶サ繝ェ繝ェ繝シ繧ケ譎・/div> 閨.

Google Update 2017 - Meta Description Length Doubles to

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Meta Tags: Best Practices For Meta Description & Meta Keyword

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Google's New Meta Description Length: What You Need to

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Meta description: the ultimate reference guide (updated

New Maximum Length of Title and Meta Description Tag for SE

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The Ideal Meta Description Length for 2019 (Study

蠖薙※縺吶℃魑・閧瑚ヲ壽ぁ・∵・オ逵シ縺ョ蟋灘錐髴願ヲ問螺鄒朱コ・/title> 繝壹・繧ク繝医ャ繝・/a> 譁ー. Coi 1荳・ココ邨カ雉幢シ√ヰ繧コ蠖薙※逧・クュ笳・≠縺セ蟋舌&繧・/title> html, body.

Meta Description for SEO - Importance and How to Write it

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Google's snippets and the length of your meta description

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